Lots of FISH RUBBINGS here....

This Bass is about to be fooled by a rattle plug (which is also a rubbing). It is available on Etsy. The original will be a prize at fishing tournament. Good luck!

Sorry, these are all gone, but soon there will be some new Stripers on my Etsy site www.fishfanatic.etsy.com
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GYOTAKU fish rubbings of Black Sea Bass bass. ($15.99 with $0.99 shipping!) Details and purchasing information can be found at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

My son-in-law was out fishing near Newport when they started hitting into these little guys. They called their Bait shop and he told them they were Jacks, which I have confirmed. I love their streamlined look. There are many species, so I'm not sure exactly what kind of Jack it is. I used a leaf hand made paper to immortalize this fish.

People have been asking me for an octopus GYOTAKU for years. I couldn't get my hands on one easily, so it just didn't happen until now. Also I wanted it to be the BEST I could do. So that took some more time. Finally I spent two days doing this rubbing. Octopus are nothing like fish! The fabric came from a shop in Alaska. Read about the octopus! They are really quite amazing. Originals and prints are available at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Here's a brand new large Trout GYOTAKU by Barry Singer. Read about it at the Etsy shop listed below.

Here are the eyes of two brown trout. I take extra care when painting the eyes on a GYOTAKU. I start by photographing them as soon as possible. Later, after the fish rubbing has been made and is thoroughly dry, I study the photo. I think it's worth the extra effort to paint the eyes as realistically as possible. See more fish art at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com .

Fresh water GYOTAKU fish rubbings. Bluegill from the sunfish family, perch, salmon, catfish, pike, and shiners. I hope you find some ideas for your favorite room.

Framed GYOTAKU perch fish rubbings in green and red are perfect for decorating the lake house or cottage. I have some similar to these in our bathroom. You will have to get the framing yourself, but the fish art on rich cloth is still available at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Striped bass Gyotaku Head and tail prints are now available at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

I recently took a quick trip to Newport RI to visit my daughter and grand kids. My son-in-law was nice enough to set up a fishing trip with Mr. Jim. Here are a couple of bluefish GYOTAKU fish rubbings from that trip. This one was made on muslin with antique blue ink. Prints are available at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com
Two shiners on rice paper! The shiner is considered a minnow and these GYOTAKU are only 6.5 inches long. But what they lack in size, they make up for with personality. The vegetation was made with yellow and blue watercolors. They kind of got mixed together and voila, green!

Christoph Blattmann wanted a one-of-a-kind fish Tee shirt and now he has it. The image is one of my Pink salmon GYOTAKU fish rubbings from a trip to Alaska. It's unique because the fish "swims" around from back to front. Very Classy! It will remain as one of the best fish T shirts I've ever seen. Thanks Christoph!

IBlock Island, Rhode Island. A nice restaurant named Dead Eye Dicks. I think that's one of my fish prints! A carp GYOTAKU I made years ago and he still looks as good as the day he was caught.

This is a hand colored GYOTAKU of a Black Sea Bass from Newport Rhode Island. I get a lot of compliments on the eye of my fish art.  If he is to be released, I photograph him quickly. One of the pictures is a close up of the eye. That way when I am painting the eye I have something authentic to look at. So here, the black of the fish rubbing defines the detail, and the addition of blue green and purple try to capture some of the colors of a freshly caught salt water fish.

 Mahi Mahi also known as Dorado or Dolphin fish. This GYOTAKU features a very bright yellow cloth and green splattered pigment. It is one-of-a-kind. This one was caught by a much better fisherman than myself. It would look great on the wall. www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

My GYOTAKU were used as prizes at a spear fishing tournament. These are the details as supplied to me: Carp:Matthew Deichsel, San Diego, CA
Won largest Rough Fish award at the 2nd Annual Aloha Polespear tournament held 18 Sept 2010.
Striper:Chad Hearne, Fort Worth, Texas
Won largest Game Fish award at the 2nd Annual Aloha Polespear tournament held 18 Sept 2010.

Here is a very rustic frame made of raw tree branches. I first dried them out for several months in the furnace room. then I stained and sealed them. The cloth channel catfish GYOTAKU had been mounted to a thin wood panel. Then I simply drove headless brads through the branches. A little hanging hardware and it was ready to go.I try to make each of my fish art rubbings unique but it is the fish themselves that seem to come to life. Many folks believe them to be better art then a mounted fish.

This framed display of GYOTAKU fish rubbings features fallfish, brook trout, and a skate. You don't need to be a fisherman to enjoy nature prints hanging on your wall.

I gave a GYOTAKU of a striped bass to talented friend of mine. Sometime later she showed me this beautiful tapestry she made from it. She will be giving it to a mutual friend. See, I told you GYOYAKU fish art brings good luck! One of the nice things about fish wall hangings made on cloth is that no frame needs to be purchased. If mine get dusty or dirty they can be vacuumed, washed and ironed.

Here is the striped bass GYOTAKU tapestry again. I never would have guessed she could make such beautiful art from a humble fish rubbing! 

Framed GYOTAKU fish pictures in a very pleasing arrangement.Shown here are clockwise from top left: Arctic Grayling, Blue Crab, Rock bass, brook trout, rock bass, and bluegill.

This is my favorite GYOTAKU fish art frame job. A patron from Boston was nice enough to share this photo of a STRIPED BASS GYOTAKU. She will always remember catching this beautiful fish. This was a combination Birthday Christmas gift from her brother. Here's the actual fish and fisherwoman...

Striped Bass fishing in the Narragansett, Buzzards Bay, Nantucket, Cape Cod, Boston, and cape Ann area's have been getting better each year!

What is GYOTAKU? How do you make GYOTAKU fish art? Can I see some samples?

Some consider GYOTAKU a fine form of fish art while others see it as just a neat way to record a catch. Welcome to my collection of fish art and information. The directory to the left will guide you to many samples.

© 2017 Barry Singer. Reproduction rights belong to the artist. Thank you.

The Japanse have known for centuries that ORIGINAL GYOTAKU fish rubbings hung in the home bring good luck and prosperity to those who live there. Fish art by Barry Singer can be found at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

School of Business. I made these shiner GYOTAKU fish prints directly on a page from the stock market reports in my newspaper. Who understands all of those numbers? These fish have no problem just swimming past! Art prints available at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

This GYOTAKU reminds me of Pisces, two fish swimming in oposite directions. In fact it would be the perfect art gift for your favorite Pisces. This is a very simple monochromatic piece of art. The Thailand Banana mash paper add to the rustic charm. They are brook trout impressed in a curved gesture which gives them a feeling of constant motion. A fish rubbing similar to this is available at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Some beach decor fish art: Barry Singer puts his signature on a striped Bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing. This fish is 33" long. Who are some of the best fish artists that have inspired Barry Singer over the years? Lori Hatch, Dwight Hwang, Michael Reimer, Ray Troll and Naoki stand out in my mind as good examples.

Check out the gallerys to the left and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!

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