Original salt water GYOTAKU art by Barry Singer. All made from real fish.

GYOTAKU fish pictures SHOWN ON THIS PAGE: Triggerfish, Scup or Porgie, skate, black sea bass, bluefish, Flounder, striped bass, cunner, mahi, dolphin or dorado, blue crab, Octopus, Jack and tataug. See below for purchasing information. Amazon Shop

I was very surprised to catch this beautiful Triggerfish from the rocks at the beach in Middletown Rhode Island. I didn't know they lived there, but sure enough, my grandson caught another a few weeks later. This GYOTAKU fish rubbing was made on muslin cloth with acrylic paints. You may still be able to get an original at 


I'm sure prints are available.

You can get these two 11 X 14 prints for decorating... See below:

Bass GYOTAKU, Large mouth, small mouth, and striped bass.

Skate, Octopus, Scup or Porgy, and jacks GYOTAKU fish rubbings on the wall. Prints of these are available at  http://www.amazon.com/handmade/FISHfanatic?ref=hnd_dp_smp

Unusual Japanese art...This is my latest striped bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing. It is deep blue on premium Muslin. I am adding a spatter effect in the lower left picture. Fish art like this looks nice at the beach house or anywhere near the coast. Now available at 


I believe the first saltwater fish I ever caught was a bluefish from a party boat out of The Atlantic Highlands in New Jersey. We chased the gulls around and then dropped heavy silver lures over the side. As soon as it hit bottom we were instructed to reel in as fast as we could. My friend Tom and I put 8 big ones in a burlap bag that day. Fortunately when we arrived back at the marina there were some folks interested in buying them. I forget how much they paid us, but I know we at least covered gas money. What fun! This GYOTAKU fish art has great detail and can be purchased at my Etsy site


Beach decor fish art: Striped bass GYOTAKU rubbing by fish artist Barry Singer. SOLD On the day I was making this art I had this piece of dark cloth that wasn't big enough to fit the whole fish. So I used it to test the consistency of the paint. I put a head here and a tail there. after I made about eight full images I looked over at my "scrap" and liked it. This one has been long since sold.

© 2019 Barry Singer. Reproduction rights belong to the artist. Thank you.

Blue crab art: This nature print ( GYOTAKU ) was made from a large specimen caught in Groton CT. I boiled the crab and removed meat from the underside using an exacto knife. I then permanently mounted it to a board. Over the years I have made many from this one shellfish. 

Unusual Japanese art... Scup or porgy GYOTAKU fish rubbing original art. Saltwater - visit www.fishfanatic.etsy.com This cheerful fish hangs in our bathroom. I have made many images using batik cloth which I carefully select at the frabric store. When I saw the bright yellow spot and the transition from blue to green I knew this was a good piece. SOLD

Black Sea Bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing art original. Saltwater. One day I told my son who was setting up his first apartment to raid my studio and take what he wanted. I'm glad he picked this one because I get to see it when I visit. It has brought him much good luck!


Bluefish GYOTAKU fish rubbing original. SOLD Saltwater fish art. Snapper Blues. Ink on parchment. This was one of my early GYOTAKU. Although the top fish is dark and lacks much detail, I like the contrast it has with the smaller fish. I still enjoy adding the splash effect from time to time which I feel gives the art movement. 

Unusual Japanese art... Flounder Fish art: Original GYOTAKU. SOLD Saltwater. Flounder. Ink on muslin. Wall hanging with dowels top and bottom, with string. No eyes gives it the look of a fossil.  

Beach decor: GYOTAKU fish rubbing art original. Saltwater. Scup or Porgy. Ink on batik. SOLD         ( 8.5 X 11 prints are available) 

Framed GYOTAKU fish rubbing art original. Salt water. Black sea bass.  On natural paper. I don't know where this picture ended up. I think one of my kids grabbed it. visit  www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Unusual Japanese art... GYOTAKU fish rubbing art. Pastel and watercolor salt water Scup on paper. Also known as porgy this fish is very tasty. There are now size and number limits in most states. Colorful pictures like this make popular beach decor. SOLD

Fish art. Striped Bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing hanging on a wall. SOLD


Unusual Japanese art... Fish art. Black Sea Bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing. cottage decor. SOLD

Unusual Japanese art...  Testimonial from my Etsy store; 


 Cunner Gyotaku fish rubbing art.

Beach decor fish art. Skate and flounder GYOTAKU fish rubbing from Newport Rhode Island. SOLD

Fish art beach decor Mahi Mahi, also called dolphin fish or dorado. GYOTAKU fish rubbing art by Barry Singer. SOLD

Unusual Japanese art... Cunner on green. Salt water beach decor fish art. SOLD

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