Bluefish, black sea bass, sea skates, and mahi mahi. are just a few of the salt water fish that I have made GYOTAKU fish rubbings of. They all are suitable for decorating beach homes.

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Gyotaku... the perfect gift. They can be used to decorate lake and beach houses, cabins, porches and dens. They bring good luck to kitchens and business offices. Whether you live near the ocean, a lake, stream, river, or pond, it doesn't matter, fish rubbings hold that natural charm.

I accept Checks, Money orders and PAYPAL. Please contact me first via e-mail so I can hold your selection: bksinger @ 

Often people contact me with special requests. Perhaps you are looking for a specific species in a certain color. Just ask. I may already have it or can quickly make it for you.

 Here are a few testimonials...


"Hello Barry, Just wanted to let you know that the fish paintings were a huge hit this afternoon when my family members opened them. I purchased one for my dad and one for each of my uncles and the absolutely loved them. Thank you for the fast shipping and for sending us the extra print. We love it! Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. "

Sincerely, Rebecca Carter

"... Very fast delivery. Incredible artwork that truly captured the beauty of the fish. It was even better looking in person and I can't wait to order more."


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Barry Singer, The FISH fanatic and GYOTAKU artist prepares for another day at the office.