Original Fresh water GYOTAKU art by Barry Singer

Gyotaku shown on this page: brown trout, brook trout, Dolly Varden trout, pink salmon, largemouth & smallmouth bass, Walleye, channel catfish, bullhead, perch, sunfish, chinook salmon, northern pike, fallfish, carp, rock bass, crappie, goldfish, crawfish, chain pickerel, golden shiner, arctic grayling, and, bluegill.

Why doesn't this GYOTAKU have an eye?

When a GYOTAKU is made, no eye appears. The artist must go in afterwards and paint it because nothing transfers. The same is generally true of fossils.
I have always liked the way GYOTAKU resemble fossils. And recently decided to make one. I chose a rock bass because of the strong features.
The background is made from scales and fins as you can see.
I only made two. This original GYOTAKU is called "FOSSIL". It's on hand made paper and has a deckle edge. Size is 8.5 X 11 and the fish is 8 inches long. I hope you enjoy it. available at

A fish picture suitable for framing and hanging on the wall... It's the lowly fallfish. I have never actually gone fishing for fallfish, but often catch them. They have a rather sleek and pretty body but the head is a bit homely. I like their big scales and the fact that they grow quite large for a minnow. Here the addition of an old piece of landing net makes for an interesting art composition. Don't forget that a GYOTAKU fish rubbing requires only one fish. I just need to keep making multiple impressions of him. Unusual Japanese art...

Channel Catfish GYOTAKU on premium muslin. SOLD   This Catfish was caught in Northeast Pennsylvania on a nightwalker from a small rowboat. I decided to make the fish rubbing from above rather trying to lay him on his side. It was a bit tricky so I only made a few. See more on Etsy: www.fishfanatic.etsy.com 

The arctic grayling. SOLD This GYOTAKU fish rubbing or nature print was made on a leaf embedded paper. It would make the perfect addition to a rustic setting or even the workplace. Any fisherman would enjoy this piece of the outdoors while at the office.

Unusual Japanese art... This GYOTAKU fish art of some golden shiners and a huge chain Pickerel took me months to make. I envisioned a pickerel chasing the minnows and made the sweeping curve image of the pickerel. I then had to wait until I had just the right size shiners to add. I think it was worth the effort. Copyright 2017 Barry Singer. Available at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/123352912/chain-pickerel-gyotaku-fish-art-original

This brown trout was a monster male caught by my good friend and artist Mark Chuck. Made using the direct method of GYOTAKU using antique ink on tan muslin. Only two were made like this. SOLD

A tiny two inch shiner makes a crisp image on rice paper as a GYOTAKU. Someone recently told me that they thought I had the most and best GYOTAKU art pictures on the internet. Thank you!

© 2017 Barry Singer. Reproduction rights belong to the artist. Thank you.

This is a pink salmon, also called a humpback from Kenai Alaska. SOLD This one was hooked in the mouth and therefore a legal catch. I caught him with a fly rod. The detail is quite good and I thought this GYOTAKU would look better hanging vertically as a banner. The cloth is premium muslin. I have a local woman sew the pockets top and bottom for dowells. She does an expert job. She is a retired home-ec teacher. You can find him for sale at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Northern Pike GYOTAKU art. SOLD. Picture this toothy predator decorating the wall of your office, den, studio or cottage.  Fish rubbings like this are also believed to bring good luck not only to fishermen but business people as well. Here's my spin on it... a potential customer sees the art at your business. They stop to chat about it. They hang around long enough to spend some money!
Unusual Japanese art...

The Dolly Varden Trout is perhaps the most perfectly streamlined in the trout family. This GYOTAKU art was done on white rice paper with a deep green paint. Read how the Dolly Varden got it's name: www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Unusual Japanese art... Bluegill GYOTAKU fish rubbing on rice paper with watercolor and pastel effect. Curly leaf pondweed in the background. SOLD

Fish art: Rainbow Trout wall hanging GYOTAKU fish rubbing. By Barry Singer. SOLD

Brook trout GYOTAKU fish rubbing art using paynes grey on rice paper. Caught in a remote mountain stream in Colorado, it was truly fishing heaven. SOLD    See more at www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Unusual Japanese art... Chinook Salmon GYOTAKU fish rubbing art 

Fallfish GYOTAKU fish rubbing art.

A set of GYOTAKU fish rubbings like this would make interesting cottage art. Shown here are a shiner, a crawfish, and a bluegill. www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Trout GYOTAKU fish rubbing art. Testimonial by one of my loyal patrons. Art by Barry Singer         visit www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Perch GYOTAKU fish rubbing art.

Rock Bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing art. SOLD. Unusual Japanese art...

13 inch Perch caught through the ice in PA. GYOTAKU fish rubbing art by Barry Singer.

Walleye GYOTAKU fish rubbing art. SOLD.

Small Mouth Bass from the St. Laurence river. GYOTAKU fish rubbing art.

Crappie and Perch GYOTAKU fish rubbing art.  SOLD   visit www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Colorful Bluegill GYOTAKU fish rubbing art. SOLD


Channel catfish GYOTAKU. Banners are a natural solution for hanging large fish rubbings. SOLD visit  www.fishfanatic.etsy.com

Black Bullhead GYOTAKU fish rubbing art. Lake house, cottage decor. SOLD
Unusual Japanese art...


Largemouth Bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing art on rice paper. SOLD

Carp GYOTAKU fish rubbing art made into a banner. SOLD Unusual Japanese art...    visit www.fishfanatic.etsy.com  

   Goldfish GYOTAKU fish rubbing.

A pond full of GYOTAKU bluegills. Cottage fish art. Unusual Japanese art...

Calico Bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing art on parchment by Barry Singer. SOLD

Large mouth bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing on hand made paper. SOLD

© 2017 Barry Singer. Reproduction rights belong to the artist. Thank you.

To see more GYOTAKU or purchase art visit www.fishfanatic.etsy.com